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Facebook Lead Adverts for Car Dealers: How they work and some of their advancements

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Facebook Lead Adverts for Car Dealers Explained

If you are not familiar with Facebook Lead Ads, they are essentially a way for dealers to promote their New or Used Car stock to people that have recently searched for a New or Used Car on the internet.

The Facebook Lead Ad itself has a very specific look, and will only be displayed to people that have recently searched for a new car or used car.

Facebook lead adverts are a great way to target potential customers, and there’s no better way to do it than by using lead adverts.

The Facebook Lead Ad itself has a very specific look and function

First off Facebook Lead Adverts carries a lot of intention, as there are many steps a person has to go through to submit a Lead from a Facebook Advert.

Get to know a little about the potential buyer

A Facebook Lead Advert allows you to ask questions which have to be answered or else the lead cannot be submitted to the Dealership.

Besides the obvious name and contact details questions like what they do for a living, do they have a trade-in vehicle, their intention to buy, and best form of communication (Call or WhatsApp) to name a few of the questions you're able to ask before the lead is submitted.

Ice-Breaker, something to talk about

This plays into the effectiveness of the lead when the customer is contacted within 5 minutes of submitting the New or Used Car lead, you increase the chance of talking to the person as well as impressing them by how quickly you called them back. Also using the info of what they do for a living as an ice-breaker doesn't hurt

Not Every Facebook Lead is an Instant Sale of a New or Used Car, most will require nurturing

Facebook Lead Ads are great for car dealers. They help grow their database, but they won’t convert all of those leads into instant sales. The leads need to be nurtured and managed properly to get the best results. Implement a basic CRM and you'll definitely up the closing percentage.

What else can be done with Facebook Lead Adverts?

A really handy feature Facebook offers is its ability to accept a vehicle stock feed, automating the process and allowing sales managers and dealership marketing teams to concentrate on other important dealership tasks.

Automate to Dominate

Update and manage your Used Car stock in one place and automate the feed to be sent to Facebook as well as a bunch of other lead-generating portals like CarFind, Gumtree, and Cars.

Almost Instant Action when you've got a Facebook Lead Advert firing in the background

When running a Facebook Lead Advert you can expect to see Leads within the first 12 hours of the advert campaign going live. Facebook is analysing every action its users are making, their time spent on websites, the info they're sharing or being shared to.

Facebook knows when to drop in the right piece of content into the users news feed to keep them engaged and on Facebook.

No need to worry about your advert missing the potential buyer as majority of Facebook users visit the social media giant multiple times a day, ensuring if you don't get them when they're having breakfast looking through their Facebook news feed you'll get them when they're waiting for the bus while checking out Facebook for the 8th time in the day.

What results can you expect from running a Facebook Lead Advert Campaign?

There are 2 driving factors behind the success of running a Facebook Lead Advert

1. The budget allocated to the Facebook Lead Advert will affect its success. Obviously the more you spend the better the result. Allocating a realistic budget will have your New or Used car advert land in a potential buyer's Facebook news feed more often.

2. Commitment to making at least 8 to 10 calls to the lead. Use WhatsApp to message or video call the lead to make a meaningful connection.

Expectations managed, after 3 to 4 months of consistent Facebook Lead Adverts Car dealers are seeing 1 to 5 cars sold using Facebook Lead Adverts.

You're not the only dealership they're talking to

I hate to break it to you but the person looking to buy a car has, through the power of the internet, sent out at least 12 leads to other dealerships via platforms other than Facebook.

Not All Sales People Are Created Equally

New and Used Car Sales is a field where every salesperson is expected to perform above and beyond. That’s the goal of selling more cars than the next salesperson. Within a dealership sales team, there'll be those who are better at closing Facebook leads than others in the team.

Facebook Lead Adverts Conclusion:

Facebook Lead Adverts work for both New and Used Car Departments

Facebook Lead Adverts land up in the news feed of Facebook users who've expressed interest in buying a New or Used Car

Facebook Lead Advert allows you to ask questions like their job title, their intention to buy, and do they have a trade-in vehicle

Facebook Lead Adverts can accept a vehicle stock feed and allow you to automate the process

Facebook Lead Adverts grow your database

Facebook Lead Adverts are inexpensive, value for money

Facebook Lead Adverts are not for every salesperson. Identify quickly who does the best with Facebook Leads and channel the leads to that person

Facebook Lead Adverts garnish 1 to 5 cars sold per month

Facebook Lead Adverts need 3 to 4 months before you can see meaningful results

Facebook Lead Adverts start seeing instant leads which can become the meaningful results once nurtured

The Dealers Edge

Need help setting up your next Facebook Lead Advert campaign, speak to the team at The Dealers Edge based in Durban. We consult to car dealers around South Africa.

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