How to turn clients into advocates for your business

One of the problems in sales is that everything is so impersonal. Many sales are made online with no one seeing another human face. If there is a follow up after that, it is often by a machine with prerecorded responses. It used to be that customers were treated well. From the moment that a customer walked in it was all about them. Now, most people only care about the numbers, and customers are not given the time as they used to be given. The customer experience is nothing like it used to be. This is ultimately something that only hurts business.

With so many options of where to buy and who to buy from, dealerships only care about closing sales before that customer goes somewhere else. This means that most customers don't have a good experience at all, and that leads to them not care about what dealership they buy from for their next car. There is a very small rate of return customers in car sales, so it is hard to ensure that there will be continual sales. The best way to make sure that sales are continually being made though is to make sure that those customers have a good experience. A customer who has a good experience will come back when they are ready for their next car, or their friend or child is ready for a car.

The strongest form of advertising is customer advocacy. When a certain dealership is recommended by someone's friends and family, then that will be the first place that they look when they are ready for a car. And when that new customer has a good experience they will bring in their friends and family as well. This will help a dealership to continue to build a larger and more consistent client base. The key is to make sure that the customer has an amazing experience.

Happy customers can help to bring in more than just their family and friends too. With so much happening online, it is just as important to make sure that customers are leaving good online reviews as well. A dealership with good Google reviews and good Facebook reviews will be the first to come up when people are looking for a dealership on Google or Facebook. This helps to bring in even more customers that are completely unassociated with the original customer. A top-rated dealership will attract even more customers, and so create more business and if those customers are treated right, create even more good reviews. It is a positive feedback loop where the end result is a more successful business.

Learning these techniques are very important to anyone who wants to have a more successful dealership. It can help not only in the short term by helping to generate more online reviews via Facebook and Google but can help in the long term by creating returning customers. To learn all the techniques to help make your business even more successful and profitable come to The Dealers Edge, where you can learn to be one of the most successful car dealers in South Africa.

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