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If you've attended a model launch or track day you've met this guy

Having spent my time at a fair share of dealership open days, model launches, track days and 4x4 days there's always that one guy at the event who knows more about the brand than the people hosting it and if it's an annual event, he was at the last one claiming the spot of mayor. This person has bought in excess of 12 models of the brand he's attending, he will give detailed experiences of times he's used the optional extras on his top of the range model. He'll have every rebuttal lined up when his car is compared with another. He'll know his fuel consumption and on the odd occasion you'll meet someone who's only joy is getting his fuel consumption below what he's read on the Owners Club Facebook page he follows.

This guy is an advocate for your brand/dealership. He's the guy who helps sell your motorcars better than your sales team in some cases. He's a walking, talking advert and he needs to be recognised for that. He should be a VIP with more than just a cap and gift bag. If he wants to drive a car on display you let him take it around the block, because that kind of recognition will elevate his brand advocacy to another level.

Then there's the dude who's bought a competitor brand to the tune of the guy above. He's only there because he swore he'd never buy from them again after a bad experience. Now this guy is never really committed. He's in a relationship which he likes, but doesn't love. His stubbornness and bad reviews on Facebook won't let him buy from a different dealer outside his province. You get the feeling he's trying to grab some of the glow and joy in the 1st guy and over time he'll come around provided he's given the service and acknowledgement he deserves.

Every customer has the potential to be like the above two. It's how we look after them after they drive off. The first guy has built a solid relationship with a salesperson who you'll find is one of the top salespeople at the dealership with many years experience. He WhatsApps him on his birthday and his vehicles birthday (the day he took delivery) and checks in with him twice a year and because of this it would take a really bad experience like our second guy to change.

Look out for these 2 at your next event and be sure to give them some extra attention because it will go a long way.

People at a New Car Event
Dealer Launch Event

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