I can safely say this will make an instant difference to your website and best of all it's FREE

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

How’d you like to sell a minimum of an extra car a month secure an extra 3 service bookings per week and have your parts department making budget? If you’ve answered yes to at least one of my claims then implementing a live chat lead generating strategy is the first step to seeing an almost instant result at your dealership.


Communicating instantly with your customer while they’re on your site shortens the time from them being a nameless piece of analytic data to one who’s expressed interest in one of your new car specials and has a paid up 2011 Ford Ranger with 117 000km and is able to come in Friday 10:30am for a test drive of the latest Ranger, that and whatever info you’re able to ask and get answered to help secure the sale. I was introduced to JivoChat a couple years back, from the first time I saw it working I knew this was going to make a difference to our Dealership lead generating business.

Catch the person at their weakest moment; buyers remorse is a real thing and it’s not uncommon to see chat logs of a person saying they’re about to sign for X model at another dealership but haven’t been happy with the experience and are now looking at an alternative, if the potential buyer is chatting to you using the website chat function it wouldn’t take much for them to seriously consider you and if you get them out the market with a “let’s talk over the phone rather, I really want to get you into our model” you’re definitely on your way to success and the minimum one extra deal per month like I started off with.

JivoChat has some other amazing features! Instant Call Back is exactly that, the chat bubble pops up with a phone above it, click and add your contact details, a countdown starts from 45 seconds and within that time you’ll speak to a representative of the dealership and the potential buyers mind is blown. Best of all, both chat and voice calls are logged with a chat/voice log sent to 5 email address within the dealership for future reference.

Get more service bookings with fewer calls to your already stressed service advisors when using JivoChat. The chat rep will simply book them in via the dealerships DMS with the first time the customer has to speak to anyone being on the day of dropping their car off for the scheduled service. What could be easier?

Do you need JivoChat? Yes, definitely you do. Well. There are a couple points to consider for it to be successful

1. Your website needs to attract a minimum of 1000 visitors a month – running a Google Adwords campaign will have that taken care of in no time

2. A minimum of 2 reps monitoring and responding to chat sessions. You’re able to transfer a chat session to the department the customer requires and it assures you never miss a potential buyer

3. Your website needs to be engaging, running special offers helps to get the conversation started

4. Your working hours might be 8am to 5pm – Live website chat changes up a gear in the evening. You have a relaxed audience who you’ll impress when you’re answering them at 7:45pm on a Wednesday evening.

JivoChat can be installed on your website in a couple minutes and you’ll be up and running soon after and the best part, JivoChat offers the basic version for free with the Pro Package being $120 per license which gives a whole lot more functionality you won’t be able to be without once using it

If your dealership is looking at implementing instant chat The Dealers Edge has the knowledge and experience to assist you through the process.

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