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Your Guide to Omnichannel Business Messengers for Car Dealers

Introduction: What is an Omnichannel Business Messenger and Why is it Important for Car Dealerships?

An Omnichannel Business Messenger like JivoChat is a software that connects your business with your customers across multiple channels and platforms including website visitors, WhatsApp, Social Media and Instant CallBack to name a few of its functions.

The importance of an omnichannel business messenger for car dealerships is that it helps to build a stronger relationship with the customer by providing them with all the information they need in one place almost instantly. Closing the gap from a browser of your Dealership website to a customer

Doing More with Less Using Omnichannel Business Messenger at your Dealership, keeping communication in one place

Omnichannel business messenger is a great tool to use at your dealership. You can use it to communicate with your customers, while also keeping all of their information in one place.

One person can manage multiple online chat sessions at once, JivoChat offers chatbot functionality

Some of the benefits that you can get from using omnichannel business messenger are:

  • Takes the customer out the search

  • Gets them talking to you

  • Gain their trust by answering any of their questions

  • Ease of use

  • Customize messages for each customer

  • Eliminate unnecessary phone calls and emails

Why Omnichannel Business Messaging is the Future of Dealer Customer Service Improvement

Omnichannel business messaging is the future of customer service. Dealerships are able to provide a seamless experience for customers by using this new technology.

They are able to do this because they can send messages through any channel that the customer prefers.

Omnichannel business messaging also increases the chances of customers responding back because they have more options when it comes to how they want to communicate with a Dealership

More Service Bookings through Live Chat

Live chat is an important tool for the Dealership’s Service Department to engage with their customers in the moment.

Your Service Department will see an immediate upswing in activity when Live Chat is installed on your website.

When given the option Millennials prefer live chat for customer service over every other communication channel.

Set the tone for a positive experience

Stop and think about the professions where a person would rather send a couple of quick messages to book their car in for its next service, school teacher, lawyer, or just about anyone in a job where they’re not able to make a phone call and be on hold waiting to book their car in for a service.

A lot of customers would rather use and be impressed by Website Live Chat functionality. Dealership Service department who embraces Website Live Chat sets the tone for a positive experience

Choosing the Right Omnichannel Business Messenger for Your Dealership

The right OBM must allow Dealerships to have a more personal and interactive relationship with their customers.

JivoChat is the right solution for your Online Chat Messaging needs, layered on top of this is the ability to:

  • Engage your visitors immediately with Callback. Do what live chat can’t: give your website visitors the option to talk to a team member on the phone within 30 seconds or less. Have them enter their phone number and interact with them instantaneously.

  • Chatbot for Sales Optimisation

  • Connect WhatsApp to JivoChat to sell ​​products and services in your customers' favorite messenger

  • Chat with customers through the Messages App on their iPhone

  • Receive DMs, mentions, and replies to your Instagram Stories in JivoChat app

  • Receive incoming messages from Facebook directly in the JivoChat app

  • Sell more with Video calls - Video calls have become a common way of communication during lockdowns. 36% of clients would like to have a video call with a company before buying

  • Track your progress with JivoChat CRM

Conclusion: The Future of Communications is Now

The use of omnichannel business messengers is on the rise. They are a great way to provide proactive contact with clients and nurture them through messaging.

Omnichannel business messengers are a great way to provide proactive contact with clients and nurture them through messaging.

They can be used for both online chat and text messages, which makes it easier for car dealerships to reach and out or reply to their customers in the most convenient way possible.

The future of communications is now and it's more than just a new way to communicate. It's a way for companies to rethink how they want to connect with their customers

The Dealers Edge

Is a Durban-based Lead Generating Digital Agency focused on the Automotive industry in South Africa, no matter the size or location of your dealership The Dealers Edge has a solution to fit your budget.

If you’d like to discuss in detail or set up your OBM Service drop me a mail

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