The Complete Guide to SMS Marketing and How it Can Help Your Car Dealership in 2022

Introduction: What is SMS (Short Message Service) Marketing?

Structured Bulk messaging to your existing database of contacts.

SMS marketing can be used by car dealerships to send out information about new cars or used car specials, and other deals. This is a great way for car dealerships to stay in contact with their customers and provide them with information they may not have known about otherwise. Your potential buyer is conditioned to check their phone when they receive an SMS. Another advantage is that you can send messages in real-time which means you can communicate with customers instantaneously

How SMS Marketing Works and Why It's Still Relevant in the Digital Age

It is a strategy that has been around for many years and it is still relevant in the digital age.

The basic idea behind SMS marketing is to send out short, concise texts that are designed to drive traffic or sales. The sending Dealership will usually provide some sort of Call-to-Action, such as "Visit our Website" or "Call Now."

An important factor in the success of SMS marketing campaigns is timing. A sender should only send out texts at certain times, such as during lunch breaks or when people are most likely checking their phones.

5 Ways SMS Marketing Can Help Your Car Dealership

Today, SMS marketing is being used by some of the world’s largest companies to reach their customers.

Let's explore 5 ways SMS marketing can help your dealership.

1) Promote Deals Via Text Messaging - One of the most popular ways to use SMS marketing is to promote deals via text messaging. This method works especially well if you are running a sale or promotion and want to reach people who might not be browsing your website on that day.

2) Keep Customers Informed - One of the best reasons for sending out regular text messages is to keep customers informed. Every department within a dealership will see a real return on investment, some more than others but overall running SMS campaigns will be a net positive for your dealership

3) Service Departments has the best potential for consistent returns from SMS marketing, done correctly you’ll see few Opt-Outs and more service and repair bookings

4) From the first 6 digits of the client's ID number you have their birthdate. Send an SMS on their birthday, this can be set up in advance and yearly message them a Happy Birthday

5) Their cars Birthday(the date they took ownership of the car), sounds crazy but after the Happy 4th Birthday they’ll be thinking about a new model

Conclusion: Why You Should Consider Using SMS Marketing for Your Car Dealership

SMS marketing is a cost-effective way to reach potential customers. It can be done without any additional cost of customer acquisition. You can create a campaign that is specific to your dealership and target customers specific to your campaign objective

Advantages of SMS Marketing:

- No need for customer acquisition

- Targeting specific customers

- Low cost per customer engagement

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